A new concrete slab must have cured for four to six (4-6) weeks. The optimum time to stain in a new home is after all construction (taping, bedding, texturing, and painting) is completed and just prior to the base boards being affixed, however, staining can be performed at any time if proper protection measures are taken. We recommend that you protect your new slab during the construction phase with plastic, paper, cardboard, plywood, or sheet rock covering as the initial cleaning step will be much easier, but you must make sure that your protection choice does not impede the proper curing of the concrete. All laborers should be advised that the slab will be the finished floor.

If scoring is desired in a new project, giving the impression of stone or tiles, we suggest that it be done within three to four days after the slab is poured, however, scoring can be done at any time. We suggest that the scoring groove be no deeper than 1/8 inch, if you do not plan on grouting your floor. Deeper grooves will collect dirt.

It is always recommended that a small out-of-the-way section of your project be tested to see if the desired reaction occurs. If it does not, you probably have surface contaminants on your slab.

    Simple stain application that include cleanup and a final sealer coat and involve minimal slab preparation will cost  from $ 2.50 to $ 4.50  sf
    Stain aplication with sawcut patterning and different colors between sawed lines cost from  $ 4.50 to $ 10.00 sf.
    Aplications with sawed patterns and multiple color buildups are priced at $ 8.00 to $ 15.00 sf.
    Concrete polishing prices that include cleanup will range from $ 4.50 to $ 8.00 per sf.